Monday, April 02, 2007

I realised that people still visits this page and it kinda surprises me since it hasnt been updated since last year. I can still remember clearly in my head when i typed the previous entry. It's too vivid, too sad.

Ok. Im back in Singapore at 20 with 8kilos of weight gained. I miss Aussie very much, even though the food made me fat. Cant wait to get back there for one million reasons (: Without a doubt, i've changed. Heaps, in fact. Basically, school's over and i've been bumming around, seeing a different eye to life. If u are wondering if im gonna get a job or further my studies, the answer the the questions is Yes. I will find a job real soon so i can support my expensive indulgements. Uni will begin for me next february, and no, im not furthering in horticulture. All i can say is i wasted 3 years of my teenage life and it's not too late.

I was depressed for a while when i first got back. I learnt the news of Rocky's death (Yes, Rocky is dead and i was absolutely shattered) and i had to deal with being away from my boyfriend. For some reasons or another, maybe my trip to Aussie was a bad idea. I lost both my dogs, (Faye's with a new owner who dotes on him) and my close to perfect relationship with Clay. Anyway, i've grief enough for my lost and im over the cry-to-sleep-every-night days. I do think abt all the beautiful times every now and then.

For the past month, all i did was party, drink and get high. It's still ongoing and im enjoying every bit of it. Social life's been over the top. My close friends will know best abt it, becos i cant shut up abt who i met and all when i meet up with them. Apologies friends! Ultimately, im happy with the way my life is. So fortuitous.

I changed my mind abt uploading pics cos i dont know how this shit works, just doesnt come out right.
Sorry, no photos. (but i'll jus post a recent pic)

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Getting pissed last night was a right choice. It made me forget and dry my tears.
I lost my fucking life.

Goodbye everyone.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last week was good because i took 2 days off from work. Not exactly but one of the factors that made last week fantastic. Friday, saturday and sunday consisted of beach hut, dartboard, limo cab, gold coast, surfers paradise, okinomiyaki, timezone, starbucks, dreamworld.

Pictures will be post up soon. Real soon.

desuetude 5:01:00 PM


Monday, November 06, 2006

I took the day off form work after going for work for jus a mere hour. the headache, painful eyes, sore throat and flu got the better of me.

Watch Grudge 2 only if u want to see edison chen and not the blue boy. It was my first time watching movie over here in aussie on sat night. There isnt any seat no. allocated, first come first serve basis.

Saturday night was great with the company of jacintha, hamish, nadiah and matt. We kept playing tokyo drift over and over again during the car rides. that song beats the music played at The One nightclub hands down.

Nadiah and i jus realised that we will be heading back to singapore soon. 12 more weekends.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pretty persuasion has a very weird funny sense of humour. I heard on the radio today that there's Saw 3. Brillante!

I still have not watch Devils Wear Prada and i dont know what to blog about. Take a look at some photos.

Last Week. (one of the beaches in byron bay)

After beach and drinks, we got home, changed and out to Byron Bay again. It was one of the best clubbing nights. Shots, table top dancing, GOG, trolley ride. I dont remember what happened after the trolley ride. I passed out, for the first time. Nadiah told me i was very well taken care of that night.

2 Weeks ago. (at byron bay as well)

the MOST DISGUSTING VEG i've ever tasted. Worse than capsicum.

The clubs' stamps i got.

3 Weeks ago. (byron bay again!)

Goodbye for now.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We finally did pruning today, on erm....azaleas. It's pretty fun, because all u have to do is to make the plant botak. Snip snip snip. And then after that, work was pretty slack. UNTIL WE WERE PUT IN POTTING.

It's fucking tiring to carry the potted plants from the conveyor belt to the trailers. It was ok initially but not after u carry 500 pots and still have to go on. My fingers were numb (still are) i had to use my palms to move the pots. We made it really obvious to the guys that we tak boleh tahan and i ended up doing the ferting (the easiest job in potting).


i put on weight.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The people around me are having relationship problems. And fucking depressed.

I dont know how to comfort them.

It was so weird to see the sudden change.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

i can say that yesterday night's is one of the best weeknight in aussie. dinner at balcony was great. finally i'm dining in a proper restaurant. a place with good food, good wine and ambience. and lychee martini makes everything better. i ate with my fingers throughout the dinner, the knife was too useless.

the view at the lighthouse is amazing. it like star wars. as in u're on a spaceship, looking out into the galaxy full of stars. oh, i saw the first shooting star in my entire life.

i need to go to work now, will update soon.



my plan for the night was to stay home and watch my already overdue dvds.

mark's coming over to pick us up to byron bay. i was there last night and im gg there again.

i hope i get to see mr time of your life. only nadiah will know what im talking about. :)

have a nice weekend everyone.

desuetude 4:58:00 AM


Sunday, October 15, 2006

I got up pretty early today, even though i slept (more like a nap) pretty late. Sunbathe for bout an hour at the pool. it was so freaking hot. i cant imagine summer. while nadiah and i were having our bubble bath, i got a call from matt.

matt was coming back from byron to collect more beer from the brewery at wollongbar. he thought we might want to get out of the house since he will be on the way. and yes, we went to byron bay.

walked around the food carnival, went into god knows how many surf shops. i got my labret piercing done, yet again. when the guy was doing the marking, i was rather scared. not cos of the pain, but because his hand was shaking. even nadiah who was in the room as well saw it shaking.

there was this crazy dog who was walking towards us when we were driving back home. matt thought he ran over it when it actually bit his car tyre.

ah. i will post pics soon. when im not sleepy, when im not lazy, when im not wasted.

Happy birthdays to mom, godmom, weijing and eunice.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

I went to the post offce today to get birthday card for me mom. I was contemplating between one that does a moonie when the card's open and the other that states that being old isnt a bad thing, something to do with optometry. then i figured i'd jus send both. i sealed the envelope, wrote the address, attached the stamp and dropped it in the post box. AND THEN I REALISED I DIDNT PAY FOR THE CARDS AT ALL.

I saw Nadiah at the express queue in the supermarket. Nvm, thats not my point. I got my stuffs, waited in the queue for a while and IT WAS TIM at the cashier. Nadiah saw my face lightened up. She was actually waiting for me to realised that it was Tim. DAMN CUTE LA.

desuetude 3:57:00 PM